A Message From Our Founder

Lori-Ann Jakel

Founder, Public Speaking Maven

The greatest soft skill you will ever learn in life is the ability to communicate effectively. This life long skill will help with conversations, debating, interviews, presentations, relationships, careers and speaking up for yourself. I learned at a young age that strong communication is tied to future opportunities and success. For the past 20 years I have seen amazing results in training students and adults to stand up and speak with confidence.You can’t buy confidence on Amazon or at Walmart; but you can learn it, develop it and grow from it. There is no greater joy then to see someone conquer their fear of speaking, overcome low self esteem or eliminate shyness.

Public speaking is like a sport or playing an instrument, the more you practice, the better you become. Over the years, we have produced numerous provincial and international public speaking champions along with helping many students gain entrance into desired private schools, colleges, universities and medical schools. Adults have landed their dream jobs, have overcome low self esteem and have become excellent communicators resulting in stronger relationships and better conversations. 

I have had the privilege of coaching students in Malaysia, China, India, United States and at home in Canada. Regardless of where I teach, communication results in a ‘connection’ and that connection can change your life. I encourage you to stand up and speak, believe in yourself and know the best version of you will take time to develop, and you are definitely worth it.

Our Dynamic Team

Including Ontario Certified Teachers, Award winning public speakers, coaches, distinguished toastmasters, authors and interview mavens who have overcome the fear of public speaking. Our teachers understand the struggle of public speaking and the ways to overcome it, with a proven track record.

Steve Brennan

General Manager,

Ms. Natty

Vice Principal,
Ontario Certified Teacher

Ms. Anu

Director of Education,
Ontario Certified Teacher

Ms. Groves

Sponsorship Manager,
Public Speaking Facilitator

Ms. Samantha

Marketing Manager,
School Administrator

Mr. Varun

IT/App Manager,
Public Speaking Facilitator

Ms. Tirthesha

Project Manager,
Public Speaking Facilitator

Miss Shakera

Public Speaking Facilitator,
Bilingual Speaking Judge

Miss Elese

Public Speaking Facilitator

Miss Nour

Public Speaking Facilitator


What people are saying about Stand Up and Speak

Attending Stand Up and Speak sessions was such an amazing experience for me. No matter of what age you are there is always something to learn.  The team is so great with professional approach and at the same time they make classes fun!

Roksana I.

Stand Up And Speak has been a sensational ‘game changer’ for both my daughters, in turn empowering them to be the best version of themselves. Lori-Ann is the heart and soul of this stellar program. She inspires, she motivates, she engages, and she captivates.


I had a private coaching with Lori-Ann before my job interview on January 15, 2020. Not only she is very knowledgeable and professional but also very enthusiastic, inspiring and easy-going. My interview went flawless, because Lori-Ann made me believe that I am a perfect match for the position

Jane A.