Our Main Programs

Available in person or online

Confidence Builder

8-week program that focuses on building confidence, eliminating signs of nervousness, presentation skills and impromptu speaking.

Competitive Program

Comprehensive 8-month program that focuses on the fundamentals of speaking in a competitive environment.

Summer Camp

15-hour program teaching impromptu speaking, speech writing, presentation skills, conversation skills, video evaluations and fun games – running digital or in person.


A more personalized experience on the topic of your choosing. Sharpen your strengths to become a more confident and comfortable speaker.

Select an Age Group

Find the right course for you – available in person or online.

Grades 1 to 6

See programs that foster tomorrow’s youth by building confidence and effective communication from a young age.

Grades 7 to 12

See programs that help set up young adults for future success including private school preparations, speech writing, debating, and much more. 

Adults and Professionals

See programs that can help you become more confident and successful. Master your next presentation, prepare for your next role, or get one-on-one help.

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