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A collection of pre-recorded 20-minute public speaking classes designed to help you conquer a specific topic.

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These courses are refined to build one skill at a time. 

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20 Minutes

Concise lessons distilled into bite-sized courses.

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Impromptu Speaking

What is Impromptu Speaking? It’s learning to speak without preparation. We do this type of speaking every single day. If you want to form fully articulated thoughts, have meaningful conversations, have great interviews, and build confidence, then this is the right course for you.

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Public Speaking

A collection of courses designed to improve your public speaking skills. These courses will help you improve daily conversations, craft a compelling speech or presentation, and connect with your audience.

Confidence Building

Confidence unlocks the door to endless opportunities. These courses work to improve confidence, and limit signs of nervousness.

Competitive Courses

Want to master the art of competition? From debating to speech competitions, these courses will teach. you to prove your point and win national competitions.

Creative Writing

The fundamentals of public speaking, conversation and storytelling can help us become great writers. These courses will teach you how to craft a compelling message, 

Additional Resources

Other great publications and resources based on the Stand Up and Speak curriculum.